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These names were also a translation of ''[[Kibil-nâla]]'' in [[Khuzdul]], the language of [[Dwarves]].
These names were also a translation of ''[[Kibil-nâla]]'' in [[Khuzdul]], the language of [[Dwarves]].
== Portrayal in Adaptations ==
'''2007: ''[[The Lord of the Rings Online]]'':'''
:Celebrant is a small river running from [[Mirrormere]] to [[Anduin]] in [[Lothlórien]].<!-- There should be something noted here which is unique to LOTRO, otherwise the section doesn't add any value (User:Morgan) -->

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Celebrant (translated as Silverlode) was a stream rising in the eastern Misty Mountains from the Mirrormere in the Dimrill Dale. It then ran through Lothlórien where it was met by the Nimrodel river, and emptied into the Anduin. The Fellowship of the Ring followed this river when they travelled from Moria to Lórien.[1]


Celebrant is a Sindarin name, consisting of celeb, "silver" and rant, "course".[2]

The element lode in Silverlode means "course, water-channel".[3]

These names were also a translation of Kibil-nâla in Khuzdul, the language of Dwarves.


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