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Celegorm the Fair
Biographical Information
TitlesLord of Himlad
BirthSometime during YOTT, Tirion
DeathFA 505, Menegroth (aged 650+)
ParentageFëanor + Nerdanel
Physical Description
Hair colorDisputed; either golden or dark
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Celegorm the Fair was the third son of Fëanor and Nerdanel, and a constant companion of his younger brother, Curufin.

Celegorm was a great huntsman, and was a friend of the Vala Oromë. From Oromë he learned great skill of birds and beasts, and could understand a number of their languages. He had brought with him from Valinor the great hound Huan, a gift from Oromë.



As with the other Sons of Fëanor, Celegorm was bound by an oath to recover his father's Silmarils, which had been stolen by the Dark Lord Morgoth. His oath took him and his brothers to Middle-earth during the First Age where they established realms in exile, waged war against the armies of Morgoth, fought their own Elvish kind, and eventually brought ruin upon themselves.

He dwelt with his brother Curufin in Himlad, a pass that led into Kingdom of Doriath, which the two brothers fortified and held until the Dagor Bragollach. Following the battle, the two brothers were defeated and had to flee with their people to Nargothrond, where their cousin Finrod Felagund welcomed them.

While he and his brother Curufin lived in Nargothrond they almost took it over at the departure of Finrod Felagund. They both had great influence, for both were great orators. They captured Lúthien Tinúviel, daughter of King Thingol of Doriath. Celegorm wished to marry her, thus forcing a bond of kinship with Thingol. Huan, however, broke with his master and helped Lúthien escape. He was expelled from Nargothrond at the order of Orodreth.

Celegorm fell in the Second Kinslaying, when the Sons of Fëanor attacked Doriath to seize a Silmaril in the possession of the Elvish King Dior Eluchíl. Dior and Celegorm slew each other in the halls of Menegroth.


Celegorm's father-name was Turcafinwë ("Strong-bodied [of] Finwë"), as he was of the House of Finwë. His mother-name was Tyelcormo ("Hasty-riser") a reference to his quick temper. The name Celegorm is the Sindarin version of his mother-name.

Celegorm's Hair

There has long been put forth the question as to the nature of Celegorm's hair. Most writings seem to indicate that he had "fair" hair, hence his title "Celegorm the Fair". But Tolkien has also remarked numerous times that the Noldor were accustomed to have dark hair, the only exceptions being when the person in question was descended at least in part from the Vanyar (for example, Idril Celebrindal and Finarfin). Therefor we have only a few options: (1) Celegorm did not have light-colored hair, (2) Celegorm did have light-colored hair. The only way for the latter to be true is either that Nerdanel had traces of Vanyarin blood in her, or that it was not Tolkien's final intent to have all Noldor with dark hair. It is also possible that Tolkien did not examine this point deeply.
Celegorm and Curufin in Nargothrond by Jenny Dolfen


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