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Biographical Information
TitlesKing of Arthedain
LanguageSindarin, Westron
BirthT.A. 979
RuleT.A. 1110 - 1191
DeathT.A. 1191 (aged 212)
HouseHouse of Isildur
Physical Description

Celepharn (T.A. 979[1] - 1191,[2] died aged 212) was the fourth King of Arthedain.

[edit] History

Celepharn was the son of Mallor, and he came to the throne of Arthedain upon the death of his father in 1110.[2]

During his reign, circa 1150, more Hobbits entered Eriador and the lands of Arnor from Wilderland. Most of these were Fallohides and Stoors (who came over the Redhorn Pass and settled mainly in Dunland and the Angle), joining the Harfoots who had come earlier during the time of Celepharn's father Mallor.[3]

During Celepharn's rule the Southern Kingdom, Gondor, reached the height of its power under Atanatar II Alcarin.[4]

Celepharn ruled Arthedain for eighty-one years, and was succeeded by his son, Celebrindor, upon his death in 1191.[2]

[edit] Etymology

The etymology of Celepharn's name is unknown. Robert Foster categorizes the name as Sindarin.[5] Tolkien fans have speculated that Celepharn might be composed of celeb ("silver") + a derivative of the root PHAR ("reach, go all the way, suffice"), thus meaning something like "enough silver" or "sufficient silver".[6][7]

[edit] Genealogy

811 - 1029
895 - 1110
979 - 1191
1062 - 1272
1144 - 1349


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House of Isildur
Cadet branch of House of Elros
Born: T.A. 979 Died: T.A. 1191
Preceded by:
12th Heir of Isildur
T.A. 1110 - 1191
Followed by:
4th King of Arthedain
T.A. 1110 - 1191