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Cemendur (disambiguation)

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'''Cmendur''' was the son and successor of [[Meneldil]], King of [[Gondor]].
'''Cemendur''' (pron. {{IPA|[keˈmendur]}}) is [[Quenya]] for "Servant of the [[ambar|Earth]]" (from ''[[kemen]]'', "earth" and ''[[-ndur]]'', "servant") and may refer to:
* [[Cemendur (son of Axantur)|Cemendur]] (born {{SA|575}}), son of [[Axantur]] and a minor [[Númenóreans|Númenórean]] royal.
He succeeded his father to the throne in  T.A. 158. Little is known is about his reign, only that it was a peaceful one.
* [[Cemendur (King of Gondor)|Cemendur]] ({{SA|3399}} - {{TA|238}}), the fourth [[Kings of Gondor|King]] of [[Gondor]].
He was succeeded by his son [[Eärendil of Gondor|Eärendil]] in  T.A. 238.
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[[Category:Rulers of Gondor]]
A much earlier '''Cemendur''' (b. [[Second Age|S.A.]] 575) was a descendant of [[Elros]], and the son of [[Axantur]]. He had two children: a daughter Írildë, and a son [[Hallatan of Hyarastorni|Hallatan]]. Hallatan was the father of Hallacar, the husband of [[Tar-Ancalimë]].

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Cemendur (pron. [keˈmendur]) is Quenya for "Servant of the Earth" (from kemen, "earth" and -ndur, "servant") and may refer to:

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