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Chieftain of the Haladin

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The Chieftain of the Haladin was an elected title given to the leader of the Haladin during the early First Age. The Haladin were the second group of Men to cross the Blue Mountains and enter Beleriand. They would become allies of the Elves and were considered Edain. Shortly after arriving in Beleriand the Haladin were attacked by Orcs and Haleth, daughter of the recently slain Chieftain, was responsible for the survival of her people. Thereafter, the Chieftain of the Haladin became a hereditary title.

Not only did Haleth save her people, she led them to a safer land and bargained for their home. In exchange for defending a river crossing their would remain freemen, never swearing eternal allegiance to any lord. In honor of her memory, the Haladin would rename themselves the House of Haleth, and Chieftain of the Haladin would become the Chieftain of the House of Haleth.

Known Chieftains of the Haladin

Chieftains of the House of Haleth