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Cirith Ninniach

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The Cirith Ninniach was a thin, rocky pass through the Ered Lómin ("Echoing Mountains") in the far northwest of Beleriand. It connected the land of Hithlum with the Firth of Drengist which led to the Great Sea. The Noldor used the pass to re-enter Beleriand during the Flight of the Noldor. In the following decades King Turgon built the Gate of the Noldor at the end of the pass to allow easier travel.

Centuries later, after Turgon and his people had abandoned the region for Gondolin and the Gate of the Noldor had been forgotten, Tuor escaped this way on his fateful mission to the Hidden City.

Cirith Ninniach means "Pass of the Slender Crossing" in Sindarin (from cirith = "cleft, pass", ninn = "slender", and iach = "ford, crossing").