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BirthMid-Second Age
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Ciryatur was the leader of the fleet sent by the Númenóreans to aid the Elves of Middle-earth in the Second Age. During the War of the Elves and Sauron, the Dark Lord's forces overran the lands of Eriador, and Sauron threatened to conquer all of Middle-earth. High KingGil-galad appealed to Númenor for help, and Tar-Minastir responded by sending Ciryatur and his armies.

Ciryatur cunningly divided his forces, sending some into the south while his main fleet landed in Lindon. Ciryatur's Númenórean warriors proved more than equal to Sauron's armies, and forced them southwards out of Eriador. At the decisive Battle of Gwathló, Sauron was trapped between the two Númenórean armies and almost captured. Though he managed to escape and return to Mordor, Sauron swore vengeance on the victorious Númenóreans. More than 1,600 years later, he accomplished his aim and Númenor was destroyed, so that Ciryatur's great victory can ironically be seen as the first seed of the Downfall of his homeland.


Ciryatur means "Ship Master" in Quenya (from cirya, 'ship', and -ntur, 'master')—an appropriate name for an admiral. It is in fact possible that this is the name of his position rather than himself (cf. Ohtar).