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This article is about a day of celebration in the legendarium. For the series of books published by Walking Tree Publishers, see Cormarë Series.

Cormarë or Ringday was a day of celebrations in Fourth Age Gondor. It was held on September 22 (or Yavannië 30) to celebrate the birthday of Frodo Baggins, destroyer of the One Ring.[1]


Cormarë is a Quenya word glossed as "Ringday", apparently containing the unattested word corma ("ring").[2]

Uses outside the legendarium

22 September is a popular "ceremonial" date for founding Tolkien societies. Unquendor (the Netherlands), Eredain (Switzerland), Imladris (Denmark) and several others were founded on this day. Another ceremonial day is 3 January, the birthday of J.R.R. Tolkien.

Among fans, 22 September is also commonly observed as the Hobbit Day.

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