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Crown of Gondor

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The Crown of Gondor by the user Grond, designed to match Tolkien's illustration.

The Crown of Gondor was the ceremonial headgear of the Kings of Gondor, and was used as a symbol of the Kingship.

It was a tall, jewelled and winged helm, not unlike the helms of the Guards of the Citadel. It was taller and all white, with wings resembling those of a sea-bird wrought of pearl and silver. Seven gems of adamant (perhaps representing the ships of the Faithful) were set in the circlet. On its summit was a jewel, the light of which went up like a flame.[1]

After the loss of the last King, Eärnur, it was held in the Houses of the Dead for nearly a thousand years, until a rightful heir (Aragorn II Telcontar) came forward at the end of the Third Age; Faramir held a casket with the ancient Crown, and Gandalf placed it on Elessar's head.


Tolkien described it in his letters as being similar to the crown of the Pharaohs of Egypt.[2]


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