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Cuiviénen is the land where the Quendi or Elves awoke. Its name (cuiviër + nen) means 'water of awakening,' and it is said to have been on the shore of a large gulf in the inland Sea of Helcar in the far east of Middle-earth. The Awakening of the Elves took place in very ancient times, during the Years of the Trees, and Cuiviénen is known to have been destroyed (perhaps by natural forces) since then.

The first Sundering of the Elves took place when the Eldar departed from Cuiviénen to Valinor, leaving behind the Avari.

It is unknown how long the Avari remained at Cuiviénen during the First Age, but it is certain that the Sea of Helcar ceased to exist after the War of Wrath, so "to Cuiviénen there is no returning".

At Lake Cuiviénen by Ted Nasmith.