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Biographical Information
LocationNorth Anduin
Birthc. T.A. 2400-T.A. 2450
Deathc. T.A. 2463[1]
Physical Description
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Déagol, was the Stoor Hobbit who had found the One Ring while diving in the Gladden river (a tributary to the Anduin) with his friend and relative Sméagol.[2] Sméagol (later known as Gollum) demanded the ring and murdered Déagol when he refused to give it to him.[3]


Déagol is an Old English translation of the "original" Westron name 'Nahald'.[4] Both names carry the meaning "apt to hide, secretive".


2002: The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King:

Déagol is played by New Zealand actor Thomas Robins.[5]
Preceded by:
Isildur, c. 2461 years earlier
briefly, c. T.A. 2463
Followed by:


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