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Dírhavel was a Man who lived among the exiles and refugees at the Havens of Sirion during the closing century of the First Age, at the time of Eärendil. He was a poet, though he only produced a single poem, the longest of all the lays to come out of Beleriand. It was written in Sindarin, and drew on the knowledge and memories of the people of Doriath, Dor-lómin, and many other lands that were gathered at the Mouths of Sirion. Its name was Narn i Chîn Húrin ("Tale of the Children of Húrin") and it told the story of Morgoth's curse on Húrin's children Túrin and Nienor, and the heroic tragedy that emerged from that curse.

Dírhavel would perhaps have written other poems or lays, but he was to suffer a tragedy of his own. The Silmaril captured by Beren and Lúthien was also at the Havens at that time, in the keeping of Eärendil's wife Elwing, and the Sons of Fëanor launched an attack on the exiles to claim the Jewel. Elwing was able to escape with the Silmaril, but Dírhavel was one of those who fell in the attack.


Dírhavel was a descendant of the House of Hador[1]. If so, Gundor would have to be his ancestor because all descendants of Galdor are accounted for.


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