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This article is about the City of Dale. For the the Kingdom, see Kingdom of Dale.
City state
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General Information
LocationNorthern Wilderland, between the southwest and southeast arms of Erebor
TypeCity state
DescriptionCapital city of the Northmen
RegionsKingdom of Dale
People and History
EventsSack of Erebor, Battle of Five Armies, Battle of Dale
GalleryImages of Dale

Dale was a city of the Northmen, destroyed by the dragon Smaug and rebuilt after his demise.



Dale was situated in the valley between the southwestern and southeastern arms of the Lonely Mountain, nestled in a sharp U-shaped bend of the River Running.[1] It was known as a merry town that traded, mainly in food-supplies, for the skills and craft-pieces of the Dwarves. Dale's toy market was the wonder of the North[2] and the town was renowned for its bells.[3]



The word dale means "valley", as it was built in the Celduin valley between two arms of Erebor.

Portrayal in adaptations

Dale in BFME II

2006: The Lord of the Rings: The Battle for Middle-earth II:

The City of Dale appears in the Erebor map, just southeast of the mountain itself. It appears to contain several houses, taverns and bridges, as well as a statue of a man. The city is built around the mountain's river.

2012: The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey:

Glimpses of the sack of Erebor and the destruction of Dale were shown in the opening prologue sequence.

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