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Dark Door

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". . . And so they came at last deep into the glen; and there stood a sheer wall of rock, and in the wall the Dark Door gaped before them like the mouth of night. Signs and figures were carved above its wide arch too dim to read, and fear flowed from it like a grey vapour. . . 'This is an evil door,' said Halbarad, 'and my death lies beyond it. . .' It seemed to [Gimli] that he dragged his feet like lead over the threshold; and at once a blindness came upon him. . ."
The Passing of the Grey Company
Dark Door
Door carved into cliffside
General Information
LocationBeginning of the Paths of the Dead, end of the Dimholt, foot of Dwimorberg; beyond Dwimorberg glen
TypeDoor carved into cliffside
DescriptionHollow opening with a standing stone in the center
RegionsKing of the Dead's dominion
EventsPassage of Baldor and Aragorn II

The Dark Door was the entrance to the Paths of the Dead beneath the White Mountains. Through this Baldor son of Brego passed never to return. Through this Aragorn and his companions passed during the War of the Ring to stir the Army of the Dead.