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* [ David Day on Wikipedia]
* [ David Day on Wikipedia]
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David Day
Biographical information

David Day (born 1947, Sooke, British Columbia) is a Canadian author who has written numerous Tolkien-related books.


Oxonmoot Controversy

David Day attended Oxonmoot 2004 yet failed to pay for his attendance. In the minutes of the Tolkien Society committee meeting held on 30th October 2004 it states that:

"Chris [Chris Crawshaw, Chairman] has also written to David Day to ask him to pay his registration for Oxonmoot. She was instructed by the meeting to keep badgering him about this, since he seems to feel his 'celebrity' status exempts him from such mundane details" — Amon Hen 191, page 19.

Four months later in the minutes of a committee meeting held on the 26th February 2005 it is recorded:

"Since David Day has still not paid his registation for Oxonmoot, it was agreed that he should be blacklisted for future events." — Amon Hen 193, page 17.

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