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* [ Official Website]
* [ Official Website]
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[[de:Deutsche Tolkien Gesellschaft e. V.]]
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[[fi:Deutsche Tolkien Gesellschaft]]

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The Deutsche Tolkien Gesellschaft e.V. (shortened DTG) (German: "German Tolkien Society (incorporated society)") is the German Tolkien society.



The DTG was founded in the year 1997 as a literary association. Since 1998 the domicile of the DTG is in Cologne. It steadily grew up to its current member count of about 550 people, especially from Germany or German-speaking countries.


The DTG organises a number of Tolkien events:

  • Tolkien Thing ("Tolkien Moot") - A meeting of the DTG members. (once a year)
  • Tolkien Tage ("Tolkien Days") - A weekend with seminars, lectures, games, performances and other activities for all Tolkien-fans.
  • Tolkien Seminar (since 2004) - Somekind of academic convention, where german Tolkien-experts lecture and then discuss with the other participants a common theme, based on Tolkien's works. (once a year)
  • Tolkien Stammtisch ("Tolkien regulars' table") - A regional event. The meetings ("Stammtische") take place regularly (usually once a month). The Tolkien Stammtisch is something like a regional representation of the DTG and allows potential members the first contact with the association.


Three times a year the DTG publishes its association magazine Der Flammifer von Westernis (including an English Summary). The most important publication is the scientific journal Hither Shore (bilingual).

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