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Digging Potatoes, Growing Trees

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Digging Potatoes, Growing Trees: A Selection from 25 Years of Speeches at the Tolkien Society's Annual Dinners
Digging Potatoes, Growing Trees.jpg
AuthorEdited by Helen Armstrong
PublisherSwindon: The Tolkien Society
FormatBooklet (paperback), 21 × 14.5 cm

Digging Potatoes, Growing Trees is a collection of selected speeches held at the Annual Dinners of The Tolkien Society. The booklet was published in the series Peter Roe Memorial Booklets, no. 5.


Rayner Unwin's address from 1990 covers the plans for future Tolkien publications. From 1991, Tom Shippey examines Tolkien's position as a writer amongst his contemporaries. Colin Duriez in 1992 considered the friendship of Tolkien and C S Lewis. In 1995, Joanna Tolkien, J R R Tolkien's granddaughter related some of her memories of her grandfather. René van Rossenberg, who spoke in 1996 discusses the growth of Tolkien Societies in Europe and how Tolkien is appreciated by those for whom English is not their first language. In 1997, Colin Duriez returned to discuss how both Tolkien and Lewis placed humanity and creativity at the centre of their work.