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This article is about the son of Beren and Lúthien. For the the Steward of Gondor, see Dior (Steward of Gondor).
Dior Eluchíl
Biographical Information
Other namesAusir, Aranel, Dior the Fair
TitlesKing of Doriath
LanguageSindarin (Doriathrin)
BirthF.A. 470
Tol Galen
RuleF.A. 502-506
DeathF.A. 506 (aged 36)
Menegroth, during Sack of Doriath
HouseHouse of Bëor, House of Thingol
HeritageMan father, Half-elven mother
ParentageBeren and Lúthien
ChildrenElwing, Eluréd, Elurín
Physical Description
WeaponryPresumably Aranrúth[1]
GalleryImages of Dior Eluchíl
Dior Eluchíl was the son of Beren and Lúthien, and the heir to the throne of Elu Thingol, King of Doriath. Dior was one of the Half-elven. He was also called Eluchíl ("Heir of Elu"), Ausir ("The Wealthy"), Aranel ("Noble Elf"), and the Fair.



Dior was born on the island of Tol Galen in East Beleriand. When he was 27 he married Nimloth of Doriath1 and took her back to live by the Lanthir Lamath waterfall at the base of the Blue Mountains. There they had three children: Elwing, Eluréd, and Elurín. After Thingol was slain by the Dwarves who coveted the Nauglamír, Dior went to Menegroth and became King of Doriath.

Four years later Dior and Nimloth were themselves slain, during the Sack of Doriath by the Sons of Fëanor. The Elf lords and their servants had been consumed by the Oath of Fëanor and killed anyone preventing them from gaining the Silmaril. Dior managed to kill Celegorm (who, ironically, was also called the Fair), and Caranthir and Curufin were also slain, but the Kingdom of Doriath was destroyed.

After the attack, the servants of Celegorm left Eluréd and Elurín in the forest to die. Elwing, however, escaped with the remnant of the Elves of Doriath to the Havens of Sirion. Years later she would wed Eärendil and together they would aid from Valinor.


Elu Thingol = Melian                       
            |  House of Bëor                
            |         :                             
            |         :                             
          Lúthien = Beren  
             DIOR ELUCHIL =  Nimloth1
                 |        |        |
                 |        |        |
   Eärendil = Elwing   Eluréd   Elurín
       |         |
       |         |
     Elrond    Elros
Preceded by:
Elu Thingol
King of Doriath
F.A. 502 - F.A. 506
Kingdom destroyed



  1. Nimloth's parentage is uncertain. She may have been the daughter of Galathil and a descendant of Elmo, the younger brother of Elu Thingol.


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