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Disaster of the Morannon

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The Disaster of the Morannon was a battle in Third Age 1944 in which King Ondoher of Gondor attempted to rout the northern alliance of Wainriders.

Events Prior to the Battle

After defeat at Battle at Celebrant Fields Wainriders have prepared for revenge. Easterlings have allied with Haradrim and Men of Khand. Gondor was attacked from two sides from north and from south. Gondor didn"t know anything about this and when attack finally begined Gondor wasn't unprepared but his force was very little.

The Battle

Due primarily to opposing cavalry, Ondoher's army was defeated. Ondoher and his eldest son Artamir were killed, and the Wainriders were victorious. They camped and rejoiced on the battlefield after the end, until the Battle of the Camp.