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Doderic Brandybuck

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Doderic Brandybuck
Biographical Information
Locationthe Shire
BirthS.R. 1389
Physical Description
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Doderic Brandybuck was born in S.R. 1389, his year of death is unknown. He was the son of Seredic Brandybuck and Hilda Bracegirdle. Doderic was the older brother to Ilberic and Celandine.


Since it belongs to a Brandybuck, the name is Celtic-sounding. However it is perhaps a form of Germanic Theuderic meaning "people reign"[1]

Other versions

Doderic was first named Roderick until the fourth draft of the Brandybuck genealogy. In the final and published genealogy he was renamed to Doderic.

Roderic is also a Gothic name meaning "famous (hrod) power (ric)"


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