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Mount Dolmed was a mountain in the Ered Luin.

Mount Dolmed loomed over the only known pass from Eriador into Beleriand. It was here that according to the Dwarves two of the Fathers of the Dwarves, the founders of the Broadbeams and the Firebeards, awoke. Their descendants later established the Dwarven cities of Nogrod and Belegost.

The two cities were established on the Eastern side of the mountain. Just a little of North-east of Dolmed was Belegost, and a little to the South-east was Nogrod.


After the War of Wrath some believe the Ered Luin were broken at the location of Mount Dolmed and an arm of the sea, the Gulf of Lune, broke through it[1].

However the maps of the Third Age, show a prominent unidentified mountain exactly on the location of Dolmed in the map of Beleriand, therefore it is possible that Dolmed survived.


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