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Donnamira Took

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Donnamira Took was born in Third Age 1256 and died in 1348. She was the daughter of Gerontius Took and Adamanta Chubb. She was the younger sister to Isengrim III, Hildigard, Isumbras IV, Hildigrim, Isembold, Hildifons, Isembard, Hildibrand, and Belladonna Took. She was the older sister to Mirabella and Isengar. She married Hugo Boffin and had two children, Jago Boffin in 1294 and Jessamine Boffin in 1297.

In the earliest published draft of the genealogy of the Tooks Donnamire was the sixth child of seven, her birth and death years are given as 1259 - 1349. Her husband is Hugo Buffin and they have one son named Jago Boffin born in 1302 who also have a son named Fosco Buffin born in 1347.

In the second draft Donnamire and Hugo now have both a son, Jago, and a daughter Jemina. The son of Jago, Folco has now been moved one generation further down and becomes the grandson of Jago but there are no names of his parents (Jago`s child) Jemina is shown as grandmother of Hamilcar Bolger but no name of her husband or child.

In the third draft Donnamire`s birth and death years change to 1254 - 1348. Both their son, Jago, and daughter Jemina, has disappeared and the draft only shows Donnamire and Hugo are ancestors of Folco Boffin.

In the final and published genealogy in LoTR Donnamire`s birth year were changed again. It now shows as 1256 and their descendant Folco Boffin has vanished from the Took genealogy.