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Dor Firn-i-Guinar

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Dor Firn-i-Guinar
General Information
LocationOn the Adurant, Tol Galen.
DescriptionGreat green island amidst river.
InhabitantsBeren and Lúthien.

Dor Firn-i-Chuinar was a place on Tol Galen in the southern lands of Ossiriand where Beren Erchamion and Lúthien Tinúviel lived after their return from the dead.

At the ending of the Quest for the Silmaril, Beren met his death at the jaws of the great wolf Carcharoth. So great was Lúthien's love of him, though, that she surrendered her own immortality so that he might return to Middle-earth for a time.

They returned out of the Halls of Waiting and they lived in a Land of the Dead that Live, or Dor Firn-i-Chuinar in the Elven tongue.

No mortal Man saw Beren or Lúthien ever again, but they had happy relations with the Green-elves of Ossiriand who lived around them. After the slaying of Lúthien's father Thingol, Beren took a force of Green-elves north to avenge his death, and recover the stolen Silmaril.

From that time, the Silmaril was kept in Dor Firn-i-Chuinar and borne by Lúthien, and that land was said to become 'like a vision of the land of the Valar'. Dior, the son of Beren and Lúthien, then left Dor Firn-i-Chuinar with his family, and went to take up the rule his lost grandfather's kingdom of Doriath.

Both Beren and Lúthien were now mortal, and at last their lives came to an end, and with them their Land. A lord of the Green-elves took the Silmaril, and brought it to their heir, Dior, in Doriath.


Tolkien mentions this land with the name Dor Gyrth i chuinar in Letter 332 (January 24, 1972) and in a much later letter of 1972, as Dor Firn i Chuinar. However, the Silmarillion gives the name as Dor Firn i Guinar. Since the initial ch- fits with the rules of plural mutation, it seems that Guinar in the Silmarillion is a mistake.