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Dora Baggins

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Dora Baggins
Art by Liz Danforth
Biographical Information
Locationthe Shire
BirthT.A. 2902
DeathT.A. 3006
ParentageFosco Baggins and Ruby Bolger
Physical Description
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Dora Baggins (T.A. 2902 - T.A. 3006) was the aunt of Frodo Baggins.


Her parents were Fosco Baggins and Ruby Bolger. She had two younger brothers, Dudo Baggins and Drogo Baggins, the father of Frodo.[1]

Dora enjoyed writting letters filled with advice to her relations, and in memory of this correspondence Bilbo Baggins gave her a waste-paper basket when he left the Shire in 3001.[2] She attended his Farewell Party at the age of 99. Dora Baggins died five years later in T.A. 3006.[1]


The name Dora was meaningless in contemporary Hobbitish Westron. It represented an original name Doro or Dore.[3]


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