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Downfall of Númenor

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{{Youmay|an event of Arada|"[[Akallabêth]]" the fourth chapter of ''[[The Silmarillion]]''}}
{{Youmay|an event of Arda|"[[Akallabêth]]" the fourth chapter of ''[[The Silmarillion]]''}}
| image=[[Image:John Howe - Drowning-of-Numenor.jpeg|300px]]
| image=[[Image:John Howe - Drowning-of-Numenor.jpeg|300px]]

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John Howe - Drowning-of-Numenor.jpeg
The Downfall of Númenor
Other namesThe Drowning of Númenor
LocationPrimarily Númenor, but affected the shores of Middle-earth
DateS.A. 3319
ResultDestruction of Númenor, exile of the Faithful
Part ofThe Changing of the World
ParticipantsNúmenóreans, Valar, Eru
DescriptionCatastrophe that caused Númenor to sink into the Sea

The utter destruction of the island of Númenor, a divine punishment for King Ar-Pharazôn's assault on the Undying Lands. Only Elendil and his companions escaped the wreck.