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'''Drúadan''' or '''Drûg''' (pl. '''Drúedain''') is [[Sindarin]] and refers to the race the [[Rohirrim]] calles [[Woses]].
'''Drúadan''' or '''Drûg''' (pl. '''Drúedain''') is [[Sindarin]] and refers to the race the [[Rohirrim]] call [[Woses]].

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Drúadan or Drûg (pl. Drúedain) is Sindarin and refers to the race the Rohirrim call Woses.


The name means "Drû-man".

The element Drû is an adaptation of Drughu, which is how that race calls themselves in their language. As the Elves came to know the Drû better, and to recognise their bitter enmity to the Orcs, they acquired the element Edain.