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The Druedain were the odd, mysterious race of men that lived in the Druadan forest. More commonly known as the Woses, they are without a doubt one the smallest races in Middle Earth--Druadan forest is small, not big enough to support more than a minor settlement.

    In appearance, the Woses were short, stumpy bodied men, possibly related to the Pukel-men of anceint Rohan. They had disproprtianate bodies and small, sunken eyes that glowed red when they were angry or suspicious. Elves described them as 'unlovely', and their general reception in Middle Earth is similar to that position. Many men of Rohan and Gondor thought that the forest was haunted. 
    Though the Woses largely held themselves apart from the troubles and calamities of Middle Earth, they are clearly a good-hearted people: their most significant contribution to the Free Peoples was showing the Rohirrim Paths through their forest. Without their aid, the Rohirrim would have arrived at the Pelennor Feilds much later, suffering losses from an orc army that was waiting for them. The Woses them used poison-darts and arrows to hold off an army of orcs searching for the Rohirrim. 
    Beyond that, though, their contribution to the history of Middle Earth is little. Even after the War of the Ring, when King Elesssar granted that the Druadan forest be their's forever, they never showed their faces again, nor was any alliance or trading system struck up between them and Gondor. All in all, the story of the Woses is a melancholic one--spited and insulted by the Elves, feared by men, and unknown to dwarves, they lived a life of isolation and solitude. 
    There is no record of their acts in the Fourth Age, but it is clear that they never mingled with the free peoples, content to live their mysterious life in the Druadan Forest, until they faded away into the dark culverts of history and legend.