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'''Duin''' is the [[Sindarin]] word for ''river''.
'''''duin''''' is a [[Sindarin]] word meaning "large river".<ref name=HMN/>
[[Category:Sindarin words]]
''duin'' derives from [[Common Elvish]] ''duinē'' ("large river, (liable to flood surrounding land)"), from the [[Sundocarme|root]] DUY (stem ''dui-'' "flow (in volume)").<ref name=VT48>{{VT|48a}}, p. 23</ref><ref name=HMN>{{HM|N}}, pp. 765-6</ref>
*''[[Anduin|An'''duin''']]''<ref name=VT48/>
*''[[Baranduin|Baran'''duin''']]''<ref name=VT48/>
==See also==
*[[Sindarin]] ''[[sîr]]'' ("river, stream")
[[Category:Sindarin nouns]]

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duin is a Sindarin word meaning "large river".[1]


duin derives from Common Elvish duinē ("large river, (liable to flood surrounding land)"), from the root DUY (stem dui- "flow (in volume)").[2][1]


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