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| location=[[Khazad-dûm]]
| location=[[Khazad-dûm]]
| parentage=None; created by [[Aulë]] himself
| parentage=None; created by [[Aulë]] himself
| lineage=[[House of Durin]]
| house=[[House of Durin]]
| hood=
| hood=
| gender=Male
| gender=Male

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The name Durin refers to more than one character, item or concept. For a list of other meanings, see Durin (disambiguation).
Durin the Deathless
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Biographical Information
Other namesFather of the Dwarves
HouseHouse of Durin
ParentageNone; created by Aulë himself
Physical Description
GalleryImages of Durin the Deathless

Durin I (Years of the TreesFirst Age), also known as Durin the Deathless due to his longevity, was the first of the seven Fathers of the Dwarves, the founder of the city of Khazad-dûm, and the first king of the Longbeards.



Aule creates the Seven Fathers

Long before the awakening of the Elves it is said that Aulë, yearning for the Children of Ilúvatar, fashioned the Seven Fathers of the Dwarves in a hall under the mountains in Middle-earth. Pleased with his work, Aulë was instructing his creations in the speech he had devised for them when Ilúvatar rebuked him, pointing out that they were mere counterfeits that would only stand idle without Aulë’s will. Aulë humbled himself before Ilúvatar and prepared to destroy the Dwarves, but at that moment Ilúvatar gave them independent life. However, Ilúvatar would not suffer their arrival in the world before the Firstborn, so the seven fathers were laid to sleep until after the coming of the Elves.[1]

Ilúvatar commanded Aulë to lay the sleeping fathers in deep places, each with a mate, save Durin the eldest who had none.[2] Durin was set to sleep under Mount Gundabad in the Misty Mountains during the Years of the Trees.[3] When he awoke he journeyed south through the wild until he came upon Kheled-zâram. Looking upon mysterious stars set like a crown reflected in its surface, he took this as a sign, and there in the caves above the lake, founded a great city. This was Khazad-dûm, later called Moria, and for many years it was the greatest Dwarven city in Middle-earth.[4]

Ted Nasmith - Durin I Discovers the Three Peaks

Durin was the founder of the Longbeards house, which became known as Durin's folk. He lived to a great age even by the measure of the Dwarves until he was known as "The Deathless". However, he was not actually immortal, and died sometime during the First Age.[4]

All that can be known for certain about his age, is that he was born before Y.T. 1250[5] and died before the end of the First Age.[4] This makes Durin at least 2,395 years old, about ten-times the lifespan of Dwarves.[note 1]


The Longbeards believed that Durin would return to them seven times, and in each reincarnation he will again be named Durin and reign as King. He did have six descendants that were named Durin, all were kings of Durin's folk.[4]

Durin's Axe, a great heirloom of Durin's folk, was probably his; it was apparently found when Balin and his colony came to Khazad-dûm in T.A. 2989.[6][7]


Durinn is one of the Dwarfs in the Dvergatal. The name means "Sleepy".[8]


  1. Years of the Sun. Each Year of the Trees is equal to 9.582 Years of the Sun, and the Years of the Trees ended in the year 1500. So, 9.582 x 250 = 2,395.


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