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Physical Description
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Dwalin, son of Fundin and younger brother of Balin, is one of the least mentioned Dwarves in The Hobbit. He was the first Dwarf to arrive at Bag End. He wore a dark green hood and a golden belt and had a blue beard. Like his brother he plays the viol. Dwalin lent a hood and cloak to Bilbo when they set out on their journey.



King Thráin's Expedition

Nothing is known about Dwalin's childhood. He is first mentioned accompanying King Thráin II with a few others including his brother Balin, on the king's attempt to reclaim Erebor; but the king wandered off one night at the eves of Mirkwood and his company looked everywhere for him but they did not know that he was captured by the servants of Sauron and taken to the dungeons of Dol Guldur. So the company headed back to the northern Ered Luin; where Thráin had previously established a new kingdom and was now ruled by his son Thorin Oakenshield.

Quest of Erebor

Decades after Thráin's disappearance, Thorin and his people were doing well in their new home, but ever they remembered Erebor, and their treasure. When the king -by the advise of the wizard Gandalf- decided to reclaim Erebor, he called together a small company of his kin and followers to join him. Dwalin was one of these. Along with Balin, Dwalin set off with twelve other Dwarves to the Lonely mountain of Erebor.

Dwalin supposedly died in Fourth Age 91 at the age of 340, very old even for a Dwarf.




The name Dwalin is derived from Dvalinn, a Dwarf from Norse mythology, which means "Torpid".

Portrayal in Adaptations

1968: BBC's The Hobbit:

No actor is specified for the role of Dwalin.

1977: Rankin/Bass' The Hobbit:

The part of Dwalin was voiced by Paul Frees. He does not have a blue beard, but a white one.

1979: Mind's Eye's The Hobbit:

No actor is specified for the role of Dwalin.

2003: Sierra's The Hobbit:

Dwalin is a blue-bearded Dwarf, who is not seen in the game (other than cut-scenes) until Lake-town.

2007: The Lord of the Rings Online:

Dwalin is a non-playable character who is king of Thorin's Hall.
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