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Dwarf realms

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Throughout the history of Middle-earth, their have been many Dwarf realms. They were:

  • Khazad-dum. The most famous and greatest of all the dwarf kingdoms. Located in the Misty Mountains, it was the home of the Longbeards. It prospered for thousands of years until the Dwarves awoke the Balrog which drove them from Khazad-dum, it was then renamed Moria ("Black Pit" in Sindarin).

The Dwarves returned to Moria in the Fourth Age, lead by their leader Durin VII. It is said that the halls of Khazad-dum were filled with the sounds of hammers once again, and was prosperous till the fading of the Dwarven race.

  • Nogrod and Belegost, located in the Blue Mountains. Nogrod was the home of the Firebeards, and Belegost was the home to the Broadbeams. Nogrod was completely destroyed during the War of Wrath and Belegost being ruined, leaving the Firebeards and the Broadbeams to either rebuild their halls or (as many did), relocate to Khazad-dum.
  • Kingdoms in the Grey Mountains, were the great halls of which some of Durin's folk relocated to after being exiled from Khazad-dum. The Dwarves became very prosperous in there new halls. for over 500 years they mined and defended their halls from the Dragons of the north. Until, finally some Cold-drakes forced them from the mountains, and killing their king Dain I.
It is possible that the Dwarves returned to the Ered Mithrin, and retook the ancient halls, though Tolkien never states that this happened.
  • The Iron Hills, were a range of small mountains rich with iron, inhabited by Durin's folk. They were colonized after the Dragons chased the Dwarves out of the Ered Mithrin. The Dwarves were prosperous from the Third Age till the fading of the Dwarves.