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Dwarves of Erebor

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Dwarves of Erebor
DominionsErebor, Moria
Average heightFive feet or less
Skin colorprobably white
DistinctionsShort in stature
MembersGimli, Thorin II Oakenshield

The Dwarves of Erebor were those who dwelt in the halls of Erebor, beneath the Lonely Mountain.


The Dwarves may have first colonized the mountain as early as the Second Age[source?], but after the awakening of the Balrog and the flight of Durin's folk from Khazad-dûm, it was for the first time densely populated.


Thráin I established the Kingdom under the Mountain fleeing from Moria. During his time the Arkenstone was discovered, the most prized possession of the Kingdom. His son, Thorin I, later became King under the Mountain but after seeing the wealth of the Dwarves of the Grey Mountains, he abandoned Erebor.

When the Cold-drakes invaded the Grey Mountains, they drove most of the Dwarves out. Thrór, a descendant of Thorin I, took some of his people and flew the Grey Mountains and refounded the kingdom of Erebor in T.A. 2590. His brother Grór continued east with a great following of Durin's folk to the Iron Hills

The Dwarves gained the friendship of the Northmen along the Celduin and had much trade of goods, beautiful trinkets, and weapons with the town of Dale. The Dwarves of Erebor also had much traffic of ores with their kinsmen in the Iron Hills and the region had peace and prosperity for many years.

The Dwarves were properous, and made great wealth for themselves until they were dispossessed of their immense wealth by Smaug the Dragon, who flew south from the Ered Mithrin and sacked their kingdom in T.A. 2770.

The Dwarves reclaimed their inheritance many years later under the leadership of Thorin II. But it was the descendants of Dáin II Ironfoot that ruled there ever after.


Noted Dwarves from Erebor were: