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Dwarves of Nogrod

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|name= Dwarves of Nogrod
|name= Dwarves of Nogrod

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Dwarves of Nogrod
General Information
MembersNaugladur, Telchar, Gamil Zirak
Physical Description
Lifespanaround 250 years
DistinctionsShort in stature, beards, well-armoured in combat
Average heightFive feet or less

The Dwarves of Nogrod, were the Dwarf House known as the Firebeards who dwelled in the Blue Mountains in the First Age. They were renown as the best craftsman and jewelers in Middle earth. They were also great masons, for they aided the Noldor build Nargothrond.

But there lust for jewels and other treasures led them to the murdering of King Thingol of the Nauglamir, and the Sack of Doriath. After this act of treachery as they were returning home they were waylaid by Beren Erchamion and Elves of Ossiriand in the Battle of Sarn Athrad. Those few that survived fled into the woods and the arms of the Ents who massacred them the remainder.

Nogrod was destroyed in the War of Wrath by the Valar which marked the end of the First Age. Most of the Dwarves of Nogrod would later go to Khazad-dum, while some stayed to build and rebuild what new halls and mines with the Broadbeams that stayed.

Noted Dwarves: