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Eärwen was the daughter of Olwë1, King of the Falmari, the Teleri of Aman. She was known as the Swan-maiden of Alqualondë. Around Valian Year 1280 during the Years of the Trees she married Finarfin, a Noldo of the House of Finwë. She became the mother of Finrod, Angrod, Aegnor, and Galadriel. She was said to be friends with Anairë, the wife of Fingolfin, her husband's older brother.

Eärwen stayed in Aman after the Flight of the Noldor. She presumably still lives there with Finarfin.

Her name means "Maiden of the Sea" in Quenya (from eär = "sea" and -wen = "maiden").


       Finarfin = EÄRWEN
   |        |       |         |   
   |        |       |         |
Finrod   Angrod   Aegnor   Galadriel

Other Versions of the Legendarium

In the published Silmarillion, Orodreth is the son of Finarfin and Eärwen. This was an editorial decision by Christopher Tolkien, and an admitted mistake. Orodreth is actually Eärwen's grandson, the son of her child Angrod.


  1. In The Silmarillion, the family-tree of Elwë shows the Eärwen was the only child of Olwë. However, in the text she is said to have brothers, whose names are unknown.