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The name Amroth refers to more than one character, item or concept. For a list of other meanings, see Amroth (disambiguation).
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Physical Description
LocationSouthern Gondor, mouth of Ringló/Morthond river.
Reunited Kingdom
InhabitantsNandor, Gondorians.
General Information
Other namesAmroth's Haven.
EtymologyS. edhel "elf" + lond "haven"/"harbor".
EventsLoss of Amroth.

Edhellond was an ancient harbor in southern Gondor.

Edhellond had been founded by the Nandor Elves before the end of the First Age, as a place where they built ships to leave for Valinor.

Amroth, Prince of Lórien, was lost at or near Edhellond in the year 1981 of the Third Age while looking for his beloved Nimrodel. One of her handmaidens, Mithrellas, was taken by Imrazôr the Númenórean as his wife, and their son Galador was to become the founder of the Princes of Dol Amroth line.

Edhellond was built at the mouth of the rivers Ringló and Morthond, where they flowed into Cobas Haven.


Edhellond means "Elf Haven" in Sindarin (from edhel = "Elf" and lond = "harbor, haven").