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| rule=
| rule=
| death={{FA|538}}
| death={{FA|538}}
| deathlocation=[[Mouths of the Sirion]] in [[Third Kinslaying]]<ref name="Death">{{LT2|IIIn}}, p. 215</ref>
| deathlocation=[[Mouths of Sirion]] in the [[Third Kinslaying]]<ref name="Death">{{LT2|IIIn}}, p. 215</ref>
| age=
| age=
| house=
| house=

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This article is about the Noldorin Elf of the First Age. For the Ruling Steward of Gondor, see Egalmoth (Steward of Gondor).
Biographical Information
Other names"of the Heavenly Arch"
AffiliationHouse of the Heavenly Arch
DeathF.A. 538
Mouths of Sirion in the Third Kinslaying[1]
Physical Description
ClothingBlue mantle with crystal stars[2]
WeaponryCurved sword, bow[2]

Egalmoth, who lived during the First Age, was a Noldorin elf of Gondolin, the leader of the Folk of the Heavenly Arch. He wore a blue mantle upon which stars were embroidered in crystal, and his sword was "bent" (none of the other Noldor carried curved swords). However, he trusted more to his bow, for he could shoot high and far.

He survived the Fall of Gondolin, and fled to the Mouths of Sirion. He later died in the attack by the Sons of Fëanor.


Egalmoth is a consonant mutation from Ægamloth, which means "A Spike upon a Flowered Crest" in Sindarin (from aeg = "point" and amloth = "flowered crest, implying a crest on a helmet").


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