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#REDIRECT [[Eldacar]]
'''Eldacar''' (pron. {{IPA|[ˈeldakar]}}) is [[Quenya]] for "[[Elfhelm|elf-helm]]" and may refer to:
* [[Eldacar (King of Arnor)|Eldacar]] ({{TA|87}} - {{TA|339|n}}), fourth [[Kings of Arnor|King]] of [[Arnor]] and grandson of [[Isildur]].
* [[Eldacar (King of Gondor)|Eldacar]] ({{TA|1255}} - {{TA|1490|n}}), 21st [[Kings of Gondor|King]] of [[Gondor]] who had to fight for his throne in the [[Kin-strife]].
* "Eldakar" was an early name of both [[Aragorn|Aragorn II]], and his father [[Arathorn II]], in [[The Treason of Isengard|earlier versions of the legendarium]].
* Eldacar was a name used on a [[The Lord of the Rings Trading Card Game|Decipher Card]] for one of the Beacon-guards, played by [[Christian Rivers]].

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Eldacar (pron. [ˈeldakar]) is Quenya for "elf-helm" and may refer to:

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