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Biographical Information
Other namesScion of the Eldar
PositionKing of the Reunited Kingdom
BirthPossibly around Fourth Age 20
RuleIV 120
DeathPossibly around Fourth Age 220
ParentageAragorn II + Arwen Evenstar
Physical Description
GalleryImages of Eldarion

Eldarion was the only recorded son of Arwen and Aragorn. He was born in the Fourth Age, and became King of the Reunited Kingdom of Gondor and Arnor after his father died. He was also recorded to have several sisters.

"Eldarion" means "Scion of Elves".

The unfinished story The New Shadow hints at a renewal of Morgoth-worship during his reign.

In Peter Jackson's The Return of the King, Arwen is on her way to the Grey Havens to leave Middle-earth and Aragorn when she has a vision of Eldarion (although not named in the film), which persuades her to stay. This is a major departure from the events in the novel. Eldarion is played in the film by Sadwyn Brophy.


Eärendil = Elwing
 |                          |
Elrond = Celebrían        Elros
       |                    :
       |             Kings of Númenor
       |                    :
       |             Lords of Andúnië
       |                    :
       |              Kings of Arnor
       |                    :
       |                 Aranarth
       |                    :---------------
       |                    :               :
       |        Chieftains of the Dúnedain  :
       |                    :               :
       |                    :            Dírhael = Ivorwen
       |                    :                    |
       |                Arathorn II     =     Gilraen
       |                                |
     Arwen              =           Aragorn II