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See [[Elendur, King of Arnor]] or [[Elendur, son of Isildur]].
'''Elendur''' means "Servant of the [[Elves]]" in [[Quenya]] (from ''[[elen]]'', "star, Elf" and ''[[-ndur]]'', "servant of"), and may refer to:
* [[Elendur (son of Isildur)]] ({{SA|3299}} - {{TA|2}}), who died with [[Isildur|his father]] in the [[Battle of the Gladden Fields|Disaster of the Gladden Fields]].
* [[Elendur (King of Arnor)]] ({{TA|552}} - {{TA|777|n}}), the ninth and penultimate [[Kings of Arnor|King]] of [[Arnor]].

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Elendur means "Servant of the Elves" in Quenya (from elen, "star, Elf" and -ndur, "servant of"), and may refer to:

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