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Elmo was an Elf of the Nelyar born at Cuiviénen. He was the brother of Elwë and Olwë. He remained behind when Elwë was lost, becoming one of the Sindar of Doriath.[1]

He was an ancestor of Círdan.

Other versions of the legendarium

Elmo was developed to explain the reference in The Silmarillion that Celeborn was a "kinsman of Thingol". One of the solutions was to establish Celeborn as the son of an unimportant brother of Thingol.

In other, later writings, Celeborn is made into a Telerin Elf, and a relative of Olwë of Valinor instead, but this was not further developed or published.

It therefore remains unsure if Elmo would have a place in the Middle-earth canon, as his position in the royal Sindarin family tree disappeared. Slightly later writings however make Círdan a descendant of Elmo, making him a kinsman to Thingol (and Celeborn). Indeed Círdan had silver hair, a trait which otherwise only ran in Elwë and Olwë's family line.


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