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'''Elvellon''' (pl. ''Elvellyn'') is the [[Sindarin]] term for "[[Elf-friend]]" (from the elements ''[[elen]]'' "elf" and ''[[mellon]]'' "friend"). In [[Quenya]], this corresponds with ''[[Elendil]]'' (pl. ''Elendili'').
'''Elvellon''' (pl. ''Elvellyn'') is the [[Sindarin]] term for "[[Elf-friend]]"  
== References ==
*[ Hiswelókë's Sindarin Dictionary] compiled by [[Didier Willis]].
From the elements ''[[el]]'' "star-elf" and ''[[mellon]]'' "friend".  
[[Category: Sindarin words]]
[[OS]] could have been *''elmeldondo''
It corresponds with [[Quenya]] ''[[Elendil]]/[[Elesser]]'' and [[Adûnaic]] ''[[Nimruzîr]]''.
* {{hsd}}
[[Category: Sindarin nouns]]

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Elvellon (pl. Elvellyn) is the Sindarin term for "Elf-friend"

[edit] Etymology

From the elements el "star-elf" and mellon "friend".

OS could have been *elmeldondo

[edit] Cognates

It corresponds with Quenya Elendil/Elesser and Adûnaic Nimruzîr.