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Eorlingas was a name taken by the Éothéod who resettled among the green fields of Calenardhon after the Battle of the Field of Celebrant.[1] Calendardhon was gifted to them by Steward Cirion of Gondor, who had been aided by these people under their lord, Eorl the Young.[2] It is from Eorl's name that the word 'Eorlingas' is taken: it refers his followers and descendants. These were the people better known as the Riders of Rohan or the Rohirrim.

The word was used in a call to arms chanted by King Théoden when Gandalf had healed him:[3]

"Arise now, arise, Riders of Théoden!
Dire deeds awake, dark it is eastward.
Let horse be bridled, horn be sounded!
Forth Eorlingas!
― King Théoden


In a manuscript, the form Eorlings also occurs.[4]


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