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Ered Wethrin

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This article is about the mountain range of Beleriand. For the mountains of Mordor, see Ephel Dúath.

The Ered Wethrin, or the Mountains of Shadow, was a mountain range in the north of Middle-earth in the First Age.

In the south, it was an east-west range that divided Dor-lómin and Mithrim to the north from Beleriand to the south, then in the east it curved around to the northwest, forming the boundary of Hithlum. A line of hills to the southwest formed the southern boundary of Nevrast, while the Mountains of Mithrim were a northwesterly spur that separated Dor-Lomin from Mithrim.

Several rivers arose in the Ered Wethrin, including Narog, Teiglin, and Sirion. The easternmost point of the Ered Wethrin reached nearly to the Echoriath, forming a steep-sided valley through which the upper Sirion ran.[1]

The Ered Wethrin disappeared beneath the waves at the end of the First Age.


Ered Wethrin means "Shadowy Mountains" in Sindarin. It consists of ered ("mountains") and gwethrin ("shadowy").[2]


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