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"...It is a long tale..." — Aragorn
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Biographical Information
Other namesOf Westfold
PositionLord of the Westfold
Physical Description
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Erkenbrand was the Lord of the Westfold during the War of the Ring. He had retuired from service to Théoden, but returned after the death of Théoden's son Théodred, to command the forces of Rohan in its western regions. He fought in the Second Battle of the Fords of Isen, and played a critical role in the Battle of the Hornburg when he and Gandalf lead an army of a thousand men to reinforce the besieged forces of Rohan.


Erkenbrand is a name that comes from two Old English words: Eorcan (meaning "precious") and Brand (meaning "sword").

Portrayal in adaptations

In both Ralph Bakshi's The Lord of the Rings and Peter Jackson's The Two Towers, Erkenbrand's position is taken by Éomer. This is mainly because he would appear unintroduced, and the return of Éomer serves the films' climax better. Erkenbrand did appear on a Decipher Card. Weta's Mike Grealish served as the character, wearing the armour of Théodred, which did not get much attention in the film.