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Esmeralda Took

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'''Esmeralda''' is the Spanish word for "emerald".
'''Esmeralda''' is the Spanish word for the emerald.

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Esmeralda Took
Biographical Information
LocationBrandy Hall, Bucklebury
BirthS.R. 1336
ParentageAdalgrim Took
Physical Description

Esmeralda Took (T.A. 2936 - ?) was the youngest of the five children of Adalgrim Took and younger sister of Paladin Took II, father of Peregrin Took. Esmeralda married Saradoc Brandybuck. In T.A. 2982 their only child Meriadoc Brandybuck was born.

Esmeralda attended the Farewell Party of Bilbo Baggins (T.A. 3001).


Esmeralda is the Spanish word for "emerald".