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Estë, by Olga Kukhtenkova
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Other namesÎdh, Eord
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"Grey is her raiment; and rest is her gift"

Estë (Q, pron. [ˈeste]) was a one of the Valier, the spouse of Irmo. She was the healer of hurts and weariness.



Estë dwelt with her consort in the gardens Lórien, on an island in the lake Lórellin. There, she would sleep during the days.[1] Many Maiar served her and her husband, and their gardens were the fairest of all Arda. Irmo, the Lord of Dreams, and Estë, whose gift was rest, tended to the troubled Elves of Valinor. Often, even the Valar themselves came to them to find repose and ease the burden of Arda.[1]

Tilion, a hunter of Oromë, had often come to the gardens of Lórien to bathe in the silver light of Telperion. He loved silver, and was chosen by the Valar to guide the Moon after the destruction of the Two Trees. Varda's original purpose was to place Sun and Moon in the skies together, but Estë and Irmo spoke against it. With the paths set in place, sleep and rest had been banished from the Earth. Thus Varda changed it: now, Sun and Moon would each travel through the sky as the other lay in Ekkaia.[2]


Estë is a Quenya name meaning "rest".[3] The same Root, EZDE, also yielded her Sindarin name, Îdh (pron. [iːð])[4] and the Nandorin Eord.[5]

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