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Physical Description
LocationHead of the Ringló Vale
Reunited Kingdom
DescriptionCold ford
General Information
EtymologyProbably S. ath- "across", as in athrad "ford or crossing", ethraid plural + ring "cold"
EventsPassing of the Grey Company

Ethring was a ford in Southern Gondor.


Ethring was a major crossing point, maybe even the only one, of the river Ringló. It was located near the head of the Ringló Vale, some fifty miles beneath the sources of the river in the White Mountains. The mountain road from Erech to Linhir (and Pelargir beyond) went by Ethring, so Aragorn and the Oathbreakers passed through the location during the War of the Ring.


Ethring perhaps comes from ath- meaning "across" (cf. athrad "ford, crossing", ethraid plural). Ring translates to "cold" (cf. Ringló river, to which probably refers).