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Fall of Nargothrond

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"...It is a long tale..." — Aragorn
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This article is about the battle. For the chapter of the same name, see The Fall of Nargothrond.
Fall of Nargothrond
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Conflict: War of the Jewels
Date: F.A. 495[1][2]
Place: Nargothrond
Outcome: Victory for Morgoth
  • Utter destruction of Nargothrond


Forces of Morgoth





All inhabitants killed or enslaved


The Fall of Nargothrond was the overthrow and destruction of the city by that name, wrought by Glaurung and his hordes, in F.A. 495.



Main article: Battle of Tumhalad

After hearing reports of a great mustering of Orcs under the shadow of Ered Wethrin, Túrin counselled the King, Orodreth, to meet them in open battle. The army of Nargothrond went forth to meet them in the field of Tumhalad and were utterly defeated. The Orc-host led by Glaurung then moved towards the hidden stronghold.

The battle

The guards of Nargothrond were aware of what had happened in Tumhalad but were powerless to stop the assault of Glaurung and the Orcs. Glaurung unleashed his fire upon the Doors of Felagund and passed through. The great halls and chambers were plundered and destroyed, those with arms were driven off or killed and the women and maidens, including Orodreth's daughter Finduilas, were herded to be taken as slaves to Angband.

Coming late to the sack were Túrin and some few other survivors of the Battle of Tumhalad. At the sight of the Dragon, Túrin's followers fled, but Túrin himself fell under Glaurung's dragon-spell, and forced to watch as the captives were driven away. Then Glaurung released Túrin, knowing the evils this would cause.


The captives were taken away towards Angband but Glaurung stayed and destroyed the bridge over the Narog. He gathered all the treasures of the city and laid upon them and rested.

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