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Falls of Esgalduin

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Falls of Esgalduin
Physical Description
LocationPart of the Esgalduin river, near Menegroth.
General Information
EventsHunting of the Wolf

The Falls of Esgalduin were a waterfall of the Esgalduin River deep in the land of Doriath. East and north of Menegroth there was a dark valley and down its northern side the river cascaded in a steep torrent.

During the Hunting of the Wolf Carcharoth came into the land of Doriath. He was able to do so, overcoming the Girdle of Melian, because he had a Silmaril within his belly, which burned and drove him to madness. Coming to the foot of the falls he drank to quench his thirst and for a moment the sweet waters eased his pain. Beren, Thingol, and Huan the Hound drew near the thicket where the wolf hid after quenching his thirst. Carcharoth burst upon the Man and the Elf, but Huan leaped upon the wolf's back. Between the baying of Huan and the howling of Carcharoth the rocks cracked and fell from the sides of the valley and choked the falls.[1]


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