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Ted Nasmith - The Ships of the Teleri Drawn by Swans.jpg
DominionsAlqualondë, Tol Eressëa
Hair colorDark, sometimes silver
DistinctionsMade the swanships stolen by Fëanor during the Kinslaying
MembersOlwë, Eärwen, Celeborn

The Falmari were those of the Teleri who followed the Great Journey into Beleriand and reached Valinor.

Once in Beleriand, one of their lords, Elwë, became lost, and many of his people refused to carry on to Aman until he had been found.

Elwë's brother Olwë led the rest across the Great Sea to the Blessed Realm.


The name is Quenya and related to the word falma "wave". They are also simply known as 'the Teleri', but they were properly just the branch of that people.